Shinda Ningyo is not about nostalgia. These hand-stitched dolls are carefully and wonderfully made just so it would appeal to the kind-hearted people who adopts them. Even if times get unbearable, these dolls would surely release your tension because if you look at them, they too, have a story to tell.

The makers of Shinda Ningyo poured out their hearts to the dolls while creating them. In all honesty, they are expecting that the person who would like to adopt one of them would also love the doll and take good care of it.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kami po ay nagbalik! (^_^)

Monkeyman's Rock & Skate Shop is now a home to Shinda Ningyo. We're open everyday from 11am to 8pm, located at 3rd Lane, Ground Floor, Cartimar, Recto, Manila.

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Padayon! :)